Everyone has their own idea of paradise – a far-flung place, an exotic island, a cosy room with a roaring fire, a glass of whisky, a quiet day fishing – each one is individual, unique to a person, place or time. Through this blog, I would like to tell you about mine.

My paradise is in the call of the curlew, in the shrill piping of the oystercatcher, the majestic gallop of the red deer, the frantic scurry of a wee mousie….it is the green fields of home, the heather clad hills and the wandering sheep. My paradise is on a farm in the heart of Perthshire where nature collides with the intricacies of a well-managed and much-loved farm. My paradise is my upbringing – stories of my youth, experiences we perhaps took for granted but which will stick with my siblings and me for a lifetime. This blog is a recollection of those adventures – walks in the dusk while a certain brother could not contain his wind, stake-outs in the car while my granny occupied a family of pine-martens in her attic, a lambing spent caring for wild boar piglets and so on. It is also an account of wildlife encounters, thoughts and experiences inspired from such a rich and happy childhood following travels across the globe – from the heat of Western Australia to the rugged mountains of Maine, from the African savannah to the Scottish moors.

Welcome to my paradise ❤